Food and drink

iDevice ikoon How to get on

Here you are going to learn the vocabulary of different food and drink.

  • At first read the introduction and get to know why do you need to learn English connected with food and beverage.
  • Watch the videos, read the additional text and learn the different vocabulary.
  • You can improve your knowledge of food and drink in the Picture dictionary.
  • You can look up the meanings of the words in Estonian-English dictionary and hear the pronunciation of the words by clicking on the English word.
  • Finally you can do the PRACTICE EXERCISES and CROSSWORDS to check your new vocabulary.¬†

iDevice ikoon Watch the videos

Here you can find two videos of English food vocabulary. Pay attention to the pronuciation, repeat the words and try to remember them. After watching the videos try to make up sentences about your favourite food. Ask the same from your neighbours.





iDevice ikoon How did it all begun - The History of Food and Cooking

Human must have eaten ever since he set his foot on this planet earth. Diet and cooking, however, could be described as quite primitive... something like this:

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Early man spent most of his time practicing survival. First making sure he was not going to be eaten and secondly, making sure he had something to eat.

If he had successfully clubbed a member of the opposite sex over the head and forced her to bear his offspring, he had to gather and hunt for more than himself. Life was not easy! He had no gun, no fishing gear. The game was faster than he was, and carrion was not palatable to say the least.

He had only one other option and that was to gather fruits, nuts and herbs. These were not always tender and palatable so he had to use his club on them to mash them into a pulp so he could more easily chew and digest them.

Many of these fruits, nuts and herbs were also poisonous, so many of the dinners were the final meal for those who were not fortunate enough to pick the right entree. On the brighter side though, the tastier plants and foods he gathered seemed to enhance the flavour of the game he was able to catch.

So you see it was quite simple. Food was raw but yet healthy; have you ever seen an over-weight caveman? Food was fresh; it was not stored or handled. It was available: berries, mushrooms, animals, herbs, and fish.

This lasted for millions of years. And then a new kind of human being was born. Cooking was born, gastronomy was born.

That happened when man invented FIRE. It came and changed the art of cooking and the life of the human being.