iDevice ikoon About the course

This course will teach you professional English which is useful for catering service arrangement and in restaurant work.

The course consists of the following parts:

  • Food and drink vocabulary.
  • How to give information about the dishes.
  • How to read the recipes and understand the different quantities.
  • How to deal with the guests at bar and restaurant.
  • How to handle the complaints of your clients.
  • How to create a menu for different meals.
  • How to serve the clients and use the right vocabulary and expressions.
  • The restaurant management and the jobs at the bar and restaurant.
  • Picture dictionaries and Estonian-English dictionaries.
Every part of this course has lots of practical exercises, listening and reading tasks, crosswords videos and vocabulary games for practicing your vocabulary. At the end of the food and drink topic and at the end of the whole course you can find a dictionary of useful words.You can also find the pronunciation of the English words.


Enjoy your studies!

iDevice ikoon Why do I need it?
Are you a chef, a bartender, a waiter or a waitress? Maybe you're a student who wants to work part-time in a restaurant in a tourist spot? Whatever the case may be, you will come across many English speaking customers and staff members in the food and beverage industry. Here you can practice your English vocabulary and expressions that will allow your guests to enjoy their dining experience and help you to communicate with your fellow staff members of you are working abroad. Studying and practicing Food and Beverage English and gaining a better understanding of the industry may even help you find a job. Do the exercises and take the quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding.
  • Can you name some diary products?
  • Do you feel comfortable to talk about herbs and spices?
  • Can you describe the menu and name all the components which have been used?
  • You definitely know the names of the animals, but are you sure, that you also know the vocabulary connected with meat dishes?