Dealing with complaints

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Here you are going to learn how to deal with complaints.
  • At first get to know how to serve food at the restaurant and how to avoid complaints.
  • Read the text and find answers to the questions, then watch the VIDEOS and discuss the matters.
  • You will learn the useful expressions for the bartenders and practice the vocabulary with doing the practice exercises.
  • You will get some tips how to act and put your new vocabulary into practice in role plays between the client and the tender.
Finally you can do the PRACTICE EXERCISES which include USEFUL VOCABULARY OF SERVICING and CONVERSATION EXAMPLES from the VIDEOS that you can use when making up the dialogues of your own..

iDevice ikoon Reading - tips for serving food at the restaurants

While serving food in a restaurant may not seem difficult, it can be frustrating to meet the demands of hungry customers without complaining. Waitstaff are expected to serve guests while keeping politeness, organization and efficiency standards. Since increased guest happiness often leads to increased tips and return customers, it's important for servers to learn the fundamentals of restaurant food service. Develop your service skills to prevent being the server that guests never ask for, and even switch tables to avoid.

Read about the useful tips that help you to avoid the complaints and to serve your clients the best way. After reading the text answer some questions.

  • How can you show your positive attitude when you are busy?
  • Do you have to take the order immediately when the guests are led to the table?
  • Is it polite to repeat your order back?
  • What topics are not appropriate to talk about?
  • How to act when the guests have finished one course?
  • How do you have to pay attention to your clients while they are eating?


After answering the questions CLICK on the button below to check your answers

iDevide ikoon The 5 Common Complaints in a Restaurant and How the Waiter Can Avoid Them

Every Food and Beverage waiter relies on what a customer tips , not on their hourly wage, in order to make a decent living. It is imperative the waiter provides great service to get that person to leave a good tip. A waiter always has to be thinking ahead, highly organized, and able to prioritize quickly on the fly if they are to succeed. Most important of all is to avoid the service complaint.

What could be the complaints that the serving staff usually meets when serving at the restaurant. Discuss it in the classroom and make a list of top five complaints. To check your answers CLICK on the button below.

If you want to read more about the topic CLICK ON: 5 COMMON COMPLAINTS and read the article. Find out how to solve these situations and act them out in the classroom. Try to be as polite as you can, because you have to make your clients happy :)