Serving the clients

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Here you are going to learn about serving the clients.
  • At first get to know how to serve food at the restaurant.
  • Read the text and translate it into Estonian. Discuss the matters with your classmates.
  • You will learn the useful expressions for the bartenders and practice the vocabulary with doing the exercises.
  • You can put your new vocabulary into practice in role plays between the client and the tender.
  • Finally you can do the PRACTICE EXERCISES which include USEFUL VOCABULARY OF SERVICING and CONVERSATION EXAMPLES from the VIDEOS that you can use when making up the dialogues of your own..

iDevide ikoon How to serve the food

All diners, restaurants and bars have different procedures for running their places, but everyone in food service should know these basics. Go through the steps that are important to know. Read them out in the classroom and translate them.

  • Be sure to have the menu memorized. Even if you can't have it done by the first day of your job, make sure you do it within the first week or two. This will help you to remember the specifics about each meal.
  • Learn to read facial expressions and comprehend how people's actions reflect the way the feel about their dining experience. This, in turn, will help you handle the customer in a way that they will enjoy their service.
  • Understand the process will be crazy from time to time. Learn to love the mistakes that happen, it will only improve your understanding of how the restaurant works and how to handle or avoid the situation if it occurs again.
  • If a customer complains, you mess up an order, or you get a lousy tip, let it roll off your back. It is likely to happen at least once a week, but don't let it stress you out.
  • Always stay organized! Even if you're thrown off you're game when working because something happened, if you're organized, it will help keep you on task.
  • Make friends with everyone you work with. It's always good to make sure everyone has your back, and you'll be there for them if they need you too.
  • Always double check your food orders before sending them to the kitchen, or let the cooks know if you made a mistake. Don't be afraid to go back to your table to assure you've put in the right order.
  • Have fun and be yourself! Waitressing is not all about making the cash, so be sure to enjoy yourself!
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CLICK ONENGLISH FOR CATERING STAFF - to increase your vocabulary and  learn some more phrases you can use  when working in catering field. At the end of the page you will find a QUIZ to check your comprehension.